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Making Your Home Purrfect

Cats require different things to feel secure and get the mental and physical stimulation they need. For example, cats should be kept in the house, so they need alternative ways to work off their energy and get their exercise from playtime indoors. Invest in cat trees or shelves to encourage their climbing instincts, create hiding spots for cap naps, and stock up on toys and scratching posts to keep your Little Buddies entertained.

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Provide plenty of vertical space.

Cats love climbing to heights — it makes them feel safe and allows them to observe their environment — so consider offering your cat a vertical space, such as a cat tree. Of course, you’ll want to create a cat-safe space, so if you allow your cat to perch on shelves or other high spaces in your home, make sure the structure is stable enough to hold your cat and not near anything that could cause them harm (such as electrical wires or other unsteady or breakable objects).

Create hiding places for your cat.

Your cat may want to have a place they can retreat to, especially if they feel overwhelmed or are facing a challenging situation. To help them feel safe, create hiding places in the quietest areas in your home. The hiding spot can be a tent, cubby or anything enclosed (cats love cardboard boxes) and just the right size for them. Whether, a cat tunnel or cat condo, just make sure the space something your cat could accidentally get stuck in.

Play with your cat regularly.

Engagement is crucial to keeping your cat happy and healthy. Most cats love to play — whether with you, with another cat, with toys, or a combination of all of the above. There are endless cat toys on the market, and experts recommend you actively play with your cat for at least 10-15 minutes every day.

When playing with your cat, keep the activity level high, but try not to be too aggressive. It’s important to give your cat the opportunity to catch whatever you’re playing with so they can fulfill their prey instincts - they are the hunter; the toy is their prey. 

Even when you don't have time to play with them, you can provide enrichment for your cat by creating an indoor play area filled with interactive cat toys, tunnels, balls, springs and beyond.

Offer multiple food and water bowls (and litter boxes).

Especially if you live in a house with multiple cats, it’s important to have multiple food and water bowls in your home. Consider purchasing a cat watering fountain which provides moving water to encourage them to drink and keeps the water from becoming stagnant. Food and water bowls should be kept in quiet, low traffic locations away from their litter box so that they can enjoy a peaceful meal. Multiple litter boxes will help with accidents and reduces territorial behavior in homes with multiple cats. 

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Keep your home clean and free of hazards.

The saying “curiosity killed the cat” didn’t come out of thin air - cats have long been known for their inquisitive habits which can get them into dangerous situations. Cover electric cords, cables, and phone chargers so your cat isn’t tempted to chew them, and make sure any plants out in the open are cat friendly. Be sure to keep cupboards closed, especially any containing cleaning supplies. Cats are also very sensitive to smell, so while keeping your home clean is important, it’s best to avoid strong chemical smells (unscented cleaning solution is best). Cats love lounging in baskets of warm laundry, but they may also be drawn to the warm opening of your laundry dryer. Be sure to keep the dryer door closed when not in use and check it is empty before using the dryer.

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